Most recent amendments to these terms and conditions was 11 September 2019

These Terms of Use (the Terms) apply to all products, services, and software that Hopp may provide, hereinafter referred to collectively as the Service. By using our Service, you imply consent to these Terms.

Hopp’s objective is to make it easier for individuals to use environment-friendly travel options. We are continuously developing our Service in order to move closer to achieving this objective. At present, our Service includes electric scooters and related equipment, such as charging stations and charging equipment, hereinafter referred to as the Product(s). Our Service also includes our App, our website, other software, maintenance, staff, marketing materials, communications, and all materials shared with you.

Your user account

Setup. You must set up a user account that provides access to our software in order to use Hopp Products. In order to use a Product, you must have a valid credit or debit card. Payment information is transmitted through a third party; therefore, Hopp neither receives nor stores such information. A certified payment method is required if you wish to use Hopp’s Services. Other options for setting up user accounts and payment methods are available to certain users and companies; i.e., through Hopp’s corporate solutions. The information provided with the application for a user account shall be correct, satisfactory, and updated. When a user account is set up, the applicant must provide a mobile telephone number and will then receive a text message (SMS) in confirmation. Your user account is intended solely for you, and you are responsible for all use of Services falling under your account. If you suspect that someone has gained access to your personal information, you should contact Hopp immediately. Further information on the use of personal information can be found here:

Fraud. We take fraudulent conduct very seriously. If we suspect that you have provided incorrect information, we reserve the right to close your account until it has been verified that the information is indeed correct. During that period, you will have limited or no access to Hopp Services.

Use of the Service

You can use the Hopp App to locate, reserve, and rent Products.

Rules for use

  • You must be a registered user in order to be authorised to use Hopp Products, and you are prohibited from allowing others to use Hopp Products through your account.

  • It is prohibited to drive Hopp Products on highways. If you must cross a highway on a Hopp Product, you must travel no faster than at a regular walking pace.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.

  • You must be competent to use Hopp Products, and you must have acquainted yourself with the proper use of the Product to which you have access. You must be physically able to use the Product. Registered users must be aware that poor weather could affect safety, and that they are required to use the Product in a manner appropriate to conditions (e.g., by adjusting their speed and braking in slippery conditions). Similarly, it is the responsibility of the registered user to decide whether conditions are such that it is unsafe to use Hopp Products.

  • You are prohibited from altering, adjusting, or tampering with the Product; furthermore, you are prohibited from damaging it and from attempting to obtain other users’ access to our Service.

  • Do not use the Product where its use is prohibited; do not block pedestrian or other traffic.

  • It is prohibited to use the Product while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

  • We recommend that you always use a helmet when using Hopp Products and that the helmet be certified by a recognised entity. You should always ensure that the helmet is fastened correctly and is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • You shall always use appropriate protective gear when using the Product. However, using a helmet and other protective gear will never entirely prevent the registered user from having an accident and possibly being injured while using the Product. If a registered user does not use appropriate protective gear, that is the user’s decision, and the user is solely responsible for the repercussions of that decision.

  • There are a limited number of Products in circulation.

  • The Product must be charged at regular intervals. The condition of the battery depends on use; i.e., the distance travelled and the length of time the Product is used. The Product can lose battery power for other reasons, such as weather or road conditions. Other factors can make a difference as well.

  • The registered user is responsible for determining the battery charge level of the rented Product and is responsible for estimating whether it will reach the intended destination in its current condition. Hopp makes every effort to ensure that Products are adequately charged for general use. However, we cannot estimate users’ destination and therefore cannot be responsible for ensuring that users will reach their intended destination on the existing battery charge level.

We do our best to keep our Products in good condition, but because the equipment is in constant use, you should ensure that the Product is sufficiently safe before using it. This includes checking the following:

  • Is the general condition of the Product acceptable?

  • Are the tyres in good condition?

  • Do the brakes and the lights work properly?

  • Is the Product’s battery sufficiently charged?

  • Does the Product show signs of damage?

  • Does the Product require repair after previous usage?

It is always conceivable that something could have happened to the Product since it was last examined by Hopp. If something does not function correctly, you should always contact Hopp and let us know. In such instances, it is best to contact us at [email protected], or to notify us through the Hopp App. If you notice that one or more of the above-mentioned safety features are malfunctioning before you begin using the Product, you should not use that Product. If you notice while you are using the Product that one or more of the above-mentioned safety features is malfunctioning, you should apply the brake with the utmost care, stop the Product at the earliest opportunity, and notify Hopp in the manner described above. If a registered owner does not contact Hopp under these circumstances, we could assume that the user is responsible for the condition of the Product and demand that the user pay for its repair.

Always remember: safety first!

We want you always to be safe when using all Hopp Products. To ensure your safety and that of other travellers, please remember that when using the Product, it is prohibited to hold items (such as a bag) in your hand so that you do not have both hands on the handlebars. It is also prohibited to use anything that could otherwise affect your safety. Dedicated, specially labelled bike lanes cannot be found everywhere in Reykjavík; therefore, you must observe the utmost caution when you drive the Product in pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic. It is prohibited to use the Product while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. It is prohibited to transport passengers or animals on the Product. Do not lock our Products with locks not provided by us because if you do so, we cannot unlock them. It is prohibited to leave our Products in places to which we do not have access. If Hopp incurs expenses because of the actions of a registered user, Hopp reserves the right to demand that the user reimburse those expenses. It is prohibited to use Products for other activities than those for which they were designed. For example, it is prohibited to use Products for racing, for driving up and down mountains, for stunts or tricks, for off-road driving, or for driving through large amounts of water (apart from conventional driving in densely populated areas). All of these activities and others could damage our Products. Registered owners are prohibited from sub-leasing our Products. Furthermore, it is prohibited to give use of Products as a prize in commercial activities (for example, as a lottery prize) without Hopp’s explicit permission (for example, in advertisements, for ride-sharing, or for food delivery). Naturally, it is prohibited to use our Products for the purpose of breaking the law.

Treat our Products as though they were your own!

  • Use. If all customers treat the Products with care and respect, there will be more Products in circulation and they will be in better condition. Unfortunately, our Products are not unbreakable, so we ask that you treat them with care. There is a limit to the weight our Products can handle; therefore, registered users may not weigh over 140 kg.

  • Damage. Apart from conventional wear and tear, we expect registered users to return the Product in the same condition as it was when they rented it. If you damage the Product (deliberately or by accident), or if you do not return the Product in the expected manner and it is damaged as a result, you are liable for the costs resulting from the damage. Damage can be expensive, and repairing a single Product can cost up to ISK 180,000.00. The final amount is determined by the cost of repairing or replacing the Product. If the Product is not returned within 48 hours after it is rented, we reserve the right to collect the same fee from you; after that time, we assume that the Product has been lost or stolen.

  • Term of rental. It is possible to rent a Product for as long as it remains charged, but you must keep track of how long you have had the rented Product because we will not do it for you. You must be aware of how long you have had the rented Product in your possession and of the amount of battery power remaining at any given time.

  • Collecting the Product. If you do not return a Product to an appropriate location (i.e., more than 20 km outside the defined service area, on privately owned land, or in a place where it is difficult to find or access the Product), and you ask us to collect the Product, we reserve the right to charge you a return fee that could range up to ISK 50,000.00. If a registered user leaves the Product outside our service area but within 20 km of it, we reserve the right to charge a fee of ISK 3,000.00 to collect it.

  • Accidents or damage to the Product. If the Product causes an accident, is involved in a collision, or is damaged; if its use causes physical injury; or if it is stolen or lost, you are responsible for notifying Hopp as soon as possible. If an accident causes physical injury or property damage, it is the registered user’s responsibility to call the police so that a police report can be filed.

Financial terms and conditions

Price and payment

You can rent access to Products for a per-minute fee according to our price list, which can be found in the App. Please note that we reserve the right to change the prices on our price list. Our prices include the applicable taxes and other fees. Payment of fees will be handled using the payment method you chose when you set up your user account with us. All payments are routed through a third-party payment portal. If you wish to lodge a protest against a payment charged to your account, you must notify us within 30 days of the end of the trip concerned. In order to resolve such matters, we need access to information on certain trips, including the date, point of origination, and end point. In general, Hopp does not issue reimbursements for the use of its Products, but we do examine each case individually.

Bonus points

On certain occasions, or in connection with special events, we may award bonus points that can be used to rent our Products. Such an arrangement may be subject to special terms and conditions pertaining to each occasion/event. You should read those terms and conditions thoroughly before you decide to use your bonus points. We restrict the use of such points, however, so that registered owners may not merge bonus points for several occasions/events and use them all at once; instead, at any given time, users may only use points for a single occasion/event. Furthermore, you are prohibited from selling or giving away your bonus points. If you do so, we reserve the right to invalidate your points.

Fines and fees

When Services are used, the registered user must comply with the laws and rules governing the use of the Service. If you are fined for your use, if the Product is impounded or removed by the police, or if you are penalised in some other way while using the Product, you are solely responsible for it. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that we may charge you for this through the payment method specified in your user account; furthermore, we may need to contact you to gather further information.

Disputes and legal venue

If a dispute should arise between the parties, they shall attempt to resolve it themselves, but otherwise, the dispute shall be referred to the District Court of Reykjavík for resolution.