Launch Hopp in your city!

Our goal is to improve transportation in cities by providing reliable and convenient e-scooter sharing services. Help us make transportation cleaner by opening a Hopp franchise in your city.

Durable e-scooters

  • Best in class for sharing
  • Modular design for efficient maintenance
  • Swappable batteries reduce operating costs
  • Tried and tested in every climate

The Hopp scooter

Award winning mobile app

  • Great performance and user experience
  • Same app for users and staff
  • Integrated support
  • Rent many e-scooters with one phone

The Hopp app

Dashboard for operators

  • Built-in CRM for support
  • Easily edit your operating zone
  • Daily overview and historic revenue
  • Integrated with accounting software

The Hopp admin dashboard

Fleet health monitoring

  • See when and where to rebalance your fleet
  • Automated flagging of vehicles
  • Get detailed user-reported issues
  • Track vehicle repairs and inventory

The report issue functionality

Operational guidelines

  • Quick and reliable support team
  • In-depth repair manuals
  • Standardized training material
  • Processes for quality assurance and onboarding

The Hopp guidelines

Why franchise?

Open your own business with a proven business model. Get expert guidance and assistance from start to finish. Access to shared resources, branding, PR, marketing, development, IT, mechanics, guidelines and more. You will handle the local operations and we take care of the rest.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for local operators with enthusiasm to improve transport in their city. Our focus on local operators is very important to us. Local operators possess the comprehensive knowledge of their cities that enables the service to excel.
What makes Hopp different?
Hopp is determined to be as environmentally friendly as possible. By operating longer-lasting e-scooters than most sharing services, as well as using only electronic service vehicles, we are able to operate with minimal environmental impact.
The Hopp scooter

Are you interested?

We would love to talk more about this in person. Please answer a few questions and we'll setup a remote call.

Frequently asked questions

What would be my potential revenue?

The potential revenue for any Hopp franchise depends mainly on three factors:

  1. Number of scooters
  2. Size of service area
  3. Local population

Hopp’s service area in Reykjavik is 16.2 km2. About 60.000 residents live within that area, with the total population of the city sitting at about 120.000 people. Hopp in Reykjavík operates a fleet of 300 scooters.

We estimate that annually a franchise might see each scooter getting 4-9 rides per day and each ride lasting for 7 minutes on average. The starting fee for a ride is €0.6 and every minute after that is €0,18. Each scooter would then be earning somewhere between €7.6 to €17.10 in revenue. Annually each scooter will then bring in revenue of between €2770 to €6250.

What are the daily operations of running the business?

The Hopp franchisees take care of charging the scooters, collecting and distributing them throughout the service area as well as repairs and general maintenance of the scooters.

Hopp offers assistance, guidance and training for all the areas of the operation.

What does it cost to open a Hopp franchise?

The starting cost of opening a Hopp franchise is primarily based on the number of scooters.

The franchise pays for the scooters and the shipping from the manufacturer to their location. They will be ordered using Hopp as an intermediary and each scooter costs €765.

What are the costs of operating a Hopp franchise?

Hopp charges the franchise 18% of monthly revenue for use of Hopp’s brand and proprietary software.

Each scooter will need a sim-card which costs €3 per month.

The price and amount of spare parts depends on the number of scooters in your fleet. For a fleet of 100 scooters we can estimate the cost to be around €200 a month.

What assistance will I get from Hopp?

From opening and running our business in Iceland, we here at Hopp have become very familiar with the ins and outs of running a shared scooter service. This knowledge and know-how will be passed on to the franchisee’s so they can rapidly grow their business and avoid making a lot of mistakes.

Hopp will assist and advise with all aspects of opening the franchise. This includes:

  1. Evaluating the optimal number of scooters to start out with
  2. The initial scope of the operation
  3. Choosing a favorable location to run the operation from
  4. Determining the number of positions and hiring practices for those positions
  5. Communications with local government/municipality
  6. Estimating number of and type (van, car, moped etc.) of vehicles for charging and distributing Guides on how to repair and maintain the scooters

What do I need to get started?

You will need to investigate the rules and regulations in your area regarding sharing services. Many cities don’t have any regulations for these kinds of services so technically you are free to operate your business in the city. However, we want Hopp’s franchises to be on good terms with the local government so be proactive in asking for permission.

Hopp can provide assistance in communicating with the municipality with regards to acquiring permits and licenses for the operation.

Will I be able to set my own prices?

Partially yes. As the franchisee you will have control over the pricing that will best suit the area you will be operating in. The requirement from Hopp is to set the price in such a way that makes the service a favorable and competitive mode of transportation for the local residents.

What happens if my scooters get stolen or vandalized?

Vandalism and theft is an unfortunate yet inescapable part of the business. Thankfully almost all damage to the scooters can be repaired. Apart from the very rare occasions of damage to the chassis.

In the case of theft, the scooters have alerts and emit sounds if they are being moved while locked. They also can’t be used without the Hopp app so stealing them is futile.

Also, Hopp’s fleet control software has functions that can determine of a scooter is being moved and will alert the operator off this.

Will the scooters be insured?

Because of the nature of the business there exist hardly any insurances for the scooters. Any and all insurance a franchise will get is up to the franchisee to decide.

Hopp recommends it’s franchisee’s to get general liability insurance.

What kind of marketing should I do for my franchise?

Hopp doesn’t recommend marking the service. Strategic and effective distribution of the scooters throughout the service should be enough to alert residents of their existence and compel them to use the service.

The scooters themselves offer some options for marketing. A franchisee is allowed to sell these advertising spots on the chassis of the scooter and have their fleet labeled with an ad from a third party. The franchisee retains 100% of the marketing revenue.

Is the Hopp available for all smartphones?

Yes, the Hopp app is available for both Android and iOS.

Is Hopp a white label software solution?

No, all the software that runs Hopp’s operations is developed by us. This gives the ability to quickly develop new software features to make the experience of using Hopp as easy and comfortable as possible, not only for the users but also for the franchises.

Can I open a Hopp franchise anywhere in the world?

Yes, if the location allows shared scooter services you can open and run a Hopp franchise there.

Can I only open Hopp in large cities?

No, Hopp’s business model renders the service able to return a profit in the cities of any size. Hopp will help you estimate the size and scale of the service best suited for your city.

Can I open up a Hopp franchise in a different country?

No, Hopp’s goal is for the franchises to be operated by a resident of the area. This is a requirement because we want the Hopp franchise to offer the best service for the area. An inhabitant of the city has the most in depth knowledge of the area and how best to operate the service in the area.

Is there a limit to the number of scooters I can have in my franchise?

Theoretically there is no limit to the number of scooters you can have. We however recommend you have at least 50 scooters in your fleet.


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