Hopp Taxis are available in Reykjavik and at Keflavik airport. Select a destination, get matched with a driver, and see the taxi’s position and arrival times. The app handles payments, receipts and more.

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    Simple to use

    It’s very simple to book a taxi with the Hopp app. You select the destination and the type of car, and the app matches you automatically with the most suitable driver.

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    Clear information

    The app shows where the taxi is located, how long it takes until pickup and the estimated arrival time. You’re notified when the taxi is on its way and when it arrives.

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    Ride History

    See your ride history in the app with the dates of trips, destinations, and costs. You can find the receipt directly in the app.

Hopp Drivers

All drivers who drive with Hopp are required to have active and verified Icelandic taxi driver licenses. All drivers receive training and guidance on how best to drive with Hopp.


After a booking is confirmed, a pending charge is made to the selected payment method. If the ride doesn’t happen, the charge is immediately refunded back to the card.

Hopp company accounts can be used to pay for taxi rides. Account managers can make taxis available in the company account settings.

Customer support

Have a question or need assistance? The best way to contact customer support is directly through the Hopp app. You can also send an email to [email protected]