Hopp now offers a premium, low-cost taxi service in Reykjavík. With accurate arrival times, estimated fare costs and a variety of vehicle types, you can travel from A to B without ever having to wait in the rain again!

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    New service, same app

    Book a Hopp Taxi via the same app used to rent an eScooter or shared car. Tap the Taxi icon in the top right of the screen, set your destination, pick a car type, and then relax until your ride arrives. Enjoy complete transparency from the moment you book.

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    How much does it cost

    Prices are dependant on a variety of factors; What kind of vehicle you book, how far you’re travelling and at what time. But you’ll always start the journey with a detailed estimate outlining what you’re likely to pay before you set off.

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    Where can I go

    Hopp Taxi is available in Reykjavik and it's surrounding environs. So whether you're heading to Keflavík airport or need help getting home from the shops, simply request a journey and we’ll connect you with a driver ready to take you where you want to go.

Safety First

Your safety is our utmost priority. All Hopp Taxi drivers undergo rigorous background
checks and training to ensure you’re in safe hands.

Easy Payments

Pay the way you prefer. Hopp Taxi accepts a variety of payment methods set up in your
Hopp wallet. Your fare is calculated and charged automatically at the end of your ride,
making your Hopp Taxi experience seamless and cashless.

We’re Here to Help

Have a question or need assistance? Our dedicated customer support team can be reached through the Hopp App under Help → Chat with support to ensure your Hopp Taxi experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Go Green with Hopp Taxi

Hopp are committed to offering cleaner, greener travel. Choose an EV vehicle to reduce your carbon footprint.

Additional information can be found in the FAQ pages in-app.