Taxi drivers in Iceland with an operation-, or work permit can now sign up to drive with Hopp using the Driver app. Download the Hopp Driver app by clicking the button here below.


You don’t have to pay a monthly station fee when you drive a Taxi with Hopp. Hopp charges an 18% service fee so you can drive as much as you want. There is no term of engagement nor an area restriction so you can drive whenever and wherever you want.


Hopp’s software platform connects Taxi Drivers with passengers very efficiently. The only tool you need is a smartphone with the Hopp Driver app. The software handles payments and charges the passenger automatically during the trip.


Drivers and passengers see each other’s rating’s before confirming the trip. After the trip is finished, both parties may rate the other on their experience.

Who is eligible to drive?

Both Taxi operator work permit holders and Operation permit holders can drive with Hopp. You’ll also need the proper driving licenses such as a commercial driving license and to have completed a specific taxi driving course. Hopp provides information and assistance with these processes.

How do I start driving?

If you have all the required permits, you only need to download the Hopp Driver app and sign up. You’ll then be contacted by the Hopp Taxi team with instructions on how to proceed and register yourself or your car with Hopp. When the authorities have confirmed the registration, you can begin driving with Hopp.

How do I get assistance?

If you need help or want to learn more about Hopp Taxis please send us an email at [email protected].


You start

You mark yourself available to passengers in the Hopp Driver app. It is up to you where and when you drive.


Passenger orders

You see who is ordering a taxi, the trip's route, and how much will be charged. You control which trips to accept.


You drive

The app navigates you every step of the way and charges the payment automatically. When you’ve reached the destination, the passenger can jump out immediately.


More trips

The app can schedule the next trip for you and you can choose to continue driving.

Sign up in the Taxi Driver app and start driving

Download the app