A Hopp company account allows everyone easy transportation. Easy to setup, invite and manage members. Set restrictions and receive monthly overviews and receipts.

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    Simple to use

    It’s easy to create an account and start using it. Managers invite members and the account can be used where and when it’s available.

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    Green travel

    Hopp is a green transportation solution that reduces the carbon footprint of work-time travel.

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    Employee happiness

    Simplify traveling to and from work, for meetings and other errands by getting access to numerous Hopp scooters, cars, and rides.

Vehicle types

All vehicle types can be rented with a company account. Hopp offers* scooters, car sharing, and ride-hailing (taxi) services. Control access to vehicle types in the app.
*Based on location

Payments and receipts

The payment card is charged for each ride, and a unified receipt is sent on the 26th of each month. Monthly payments are available to verified accounts. Contact support for more information.

Customer support

Managers and members can reach out to customer support for any issue. Our support agents are happy to help. Reach out using in-app chat or via email at [email protected].