It's important to know how to Hopp safely. Please familiarize yourself with these simple rules before using our services. Download the app to see the local safety rules.


Wear a helmet

We encourage our riders to wear a helmet whenever possible. Note that in some areas helmets are mandatory and the app will notify you when you are in such a mandatory-helmet zone.


Single rider

It's forbidden for more than one person to ride on a single e-scooter; doing so can greatly affect your balance and the functionality of the brakes and you risk serious injury to yourself and your friend.


Never drink and Hopp

Never Hopp when you are under the influence. It is dangerous both to you, others and your environment. In many areas it is prohibited by law and can result in a suspension of your driving privileges.


Adults only

We recommend waiting until you turn 18 to use Hopp. Riding in urban traffic can be both tricky and dangerous. Make sure you know the rules of the road before getting on a e-scooter.



Parking the e-scooter correctly when you end the ride is essential. e-Scooters should be parked in such a way that they don’t block traffic or public pathways. Be nice to fellow pedestrians.


General traffic rules

Please obey the law and general traffic rules when Hopping. Use bike lanes where and when they are available. Make sure you know the rules of the road before getting on a e-scooter.

Hoppers in the wild