Download the app to see the local safety rules and regulations as the change based on different countries.

Photo by MIXU from Pexels

Staying Safe

Wear a helmet

Try to wear a helmet whenever possible. In some areas helmets are mandatory. See the app for more detail.

Single rider

The scooters are for one person only. Please refrain from having multiple riders

Don’t ride under the influence

Never Hopp when you are under the influence. It is dangerous both to you, others and your environment. In many areas it is prohibited by law and can result in a suspension of your driving privileges.


Hopp is only for adults. You must be 18 years old to use Hopp’s services.


Parking the vehicle correctly when you end the ride is essential. Try to park the scooter so it doesn’t block pathways, ramps or traffic.

General traffic rules

Obey the law when hopping and use bike lanes where and when they are available.

Hoppers in the wild