Við erum að auka þjónustu okkar á heimsvísu með því að aðstoða einstaklinga að hefja og reka Hopp sérleyfi á sínu svæði. Fjárfestu á ört vaxandi markaði og settu af stað þinn eigin flota með hágæða hugbúnaði og sérfræðingum sem leiðbeina þér alla leið.

Franchise opportunities


Receive expert assistance for creating your business plan. Our franchise department has experience in estimating the size and scope of new operations and implementing best practices when it comes to deploying a fleet in a new location.


Get help from our team when communicating with various organizations. Such as financial institutions for loans and financing or local governments for licenses and permits.


Ongoing support for the whole operation. Access to maintenance professionals and best practice guidelines for keeping the fleet in optimal condition. Receive marketing guidelines, assistance and materials.


Everything you need to help launch a sharing business, including curated best practices and ongoing support. Easily and efficiently scale your business by adding more vehicles or new vehicle types.

Supply Network

Hopp has relationships with the best manufacturers of sharable vehicles. Get access to wholesale prices on best in class vehicles and maintenance parts.

Good return on investment

So far all of our franchisees have made a return on their investment within a one year from launching.

Mobile App

A single lightweight mobile app for both the users to use the service as well as employees to operate the vehicles. Numerous advanced features for outstanding user experience.

Management Dashboard

Observe and manage every aspect of your operation from a single comprehensive dashboard. Features include: overseeing the fleet, logging and tracking employee work hours, repairs overview and spare part inventory.

Data-Driven Operations

Every Hopp ride is logged and tracked anonymously. Data is used to help you maximize the efficiency of your service. Rebalance your fleet using real-time redistribution recommendations. Analyze the operating zone with heat maps for vehicle usage.


It’s easier than you think to launch a franchise with Hopp. You're only a few steps away.

Why open a Hopp franchise?

The Hopp platform provides everything you need to launch and manage your own sharing services. You'll get expert assistance with planning, launching and running the franchise while making a significant ROI on your investment.

These are conservative estimates based on real usage data from Hopp's operations. Calculations are based on each scooter seeing 5 rides per day and each ride lasting for 8 minutes.

* Revenue assumes: 24/7/365 days availability $1 Unlock fee & $0.25/min fee.





Year-over-year Revenue*


We'll get you started quickly

Need help getting started?

With Start-Hopp ™ you'll be able to be the owner of your own franchise in no time. The Start-Hopp ™ initiative has been designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs make a positive environmental and transportational impact on the life in their city. You only need to finance a part of the franchise, we deliver you the scooters, help you launch and the operation will then pay back the financing.


  • Permit/license from city for operations
  • Good credit score
  • Enough liquidity to pay shipping of scooters
* The Start-Hopp ™ initiative is a shared risk system that enables Hopp to expand the brand and entrepreneurs to open their business. Hopp can not guarantee that everyone will be able to enter the Start-Hopp ™ initative and each applicant will be evaluated on a case by case basis. ** Minimum repayments apply


Down payment

Minimum of 20% down payment of total order. Note that it doesn't include franchise fee and shipping costs.



Pay back by operating/Operation repays the financing. Repayment is percentage-based on monthly revenue.**


Own your fleet

Once the financing is repaid you will fully own the fleet. No strings attached.

Ready to

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Our platform

We optimize our software for reliable operations. Take a look at a few of our many features.


  • Clear dashboard

  • Employee shift tracking

  • Repair log

  • Spare part inventory

  • Usage heatmaps

  • Supply and demand overview

  • Data analytics

  • Geofencing and zone editing

  • Central support center

  • Remote vehicle management

  • AI maintenance diagnostics

User Experience

  • Group rides

  • Vehicles booking

  • Trip history and invoice log

  • Multiple language support

  • In app service center

  • Family/company accounts

  • User instructions

  • TOS and Privacy Policy

  • CO2 saved metrics

  • Scooter range

  • Payment options