Frequently Asked Questions

Will the service area be increased?

Yes. Currently, our service area is as big as it can be. If we'd make it any bigger without putting more scooters on the street the system would be too diluted and the scooters inaccessible.

Can I leave the service area?

Yes. However, you must return the scooter somewhere within the designated service area. Abroad it's common for the scooters to slow down or even shut down when outside the service area, but we opted not to, in order to help our users live a better car-free lifestyle.

How fast does the scooter go?

The max speed is 25 km/hour. It may go slower depending on the inclination and battery status.

How much does it cost to ride?

There is a starting fee to unlock the vehicle as well as a fee per minute used. Press on a scooter in the app to see the pricing. It may vary between locations.

Where are the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy?

Certainly, and

Can I rent multiple scooters?

No, each rider need to have the app to start the ride. However, the same credit card can be added to multiple accounts.

Can I see where the scooter was last parked?

Not yet. However, we're looking at other ways to ease the process of looking for a scooter.

How do I start riding a Hopp bike?

Find a Hopp bike on the map, unlock it by tapping the "Ride" button, then either scan the QR code on top of the handlebar or enter the number below the QR code. You can turn on the flashlight of your phone while scanning in case it's dark out.

Can I pause my ride?

Yes, you can just press "stop ride" at the bottom of your screen. A "pause ride" option will appear. The scooter will be locked and you can leave it until you want to continue your ride. The scooter will remain unavailable to others. Pausing your ride costs per minute and may vary depending on the location.


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